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Pour Over is a place of stories. We give people a platform to speak publicly about their experiences, interests, and concerns as it relates to faith and religion. We especially want to find those issues, people, and thoughts that have fallen through the cracks or are over looked by mainstream faith practitioners



Samantha Borders
Chief Editor and Head Writer

As an academic, activist, and avid writer, Samantha strives to bring the Gospel of Peace to all aspects of her life and work. Holding a Master’s in Palestine Studies from the University of Exeter, she is passionate about promoting the agenda of peace and reconciliation in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict; views that stem from Christ’s life and teachings and her personal faith. Her work primarily revolves around Palestinian Christians, their heritage, and present circumstances. When not engaged in world issues, Samantha enjoys spending time with her family, getting coffee with friends, composing/reciting poetry, and singing loudly while driving.

Elliott Skinner
Chief Editor and Head Writer

Elliott Skinner is a dropout from Loyola University in Chicago, class of 2010, where he studied Creative Writing and Theology. He has since contributed to several online publications on the issues of mental health and foreign affairs. He is a housing activist in Chicago and is deeply invested in conversations surrounding affordable housing and gentrification. He is an avid fan of electronic music and is working on several sample albums. He also is working on three novels at once- he hates being bored!

Josh Tikka
Editor and Web Admin

Josh Tikka graduated from DePaul University in 2012. He earned a Bachelor’s in Communications and two minors in Arabic and Chinese respectively. He has worked as an editor on a different online publication for several short stints. He is a Chicago based activist and writer who specializes in Children’s literature. He is excited to be a founding member of Pour Over as the chief communications & outreach coordinator, and the web admin.



Evan Dixon

Evan Dixon is a graduate of Armstrong State University, where he received a Bachelor of Arts in English and a minor in Philosophy. Evan is passionate about theology, creative writing, and music. His favorite theologians are Kierkegaard, Bonhoeffer, Willard, Tozer, Ellul, Owens, and Edwards. He has written two novels, is currently working on his third, and just released an album of piano preludes. But above all, Evan is foremost a follower of Jesus, is passionate about discipleship, and seeks to encourage humble criticism of theological structures that impede genuine communion with Christ.


Lucian Clark

Lucian Clark is a queer activist in southern New Jersey who is studying Human Services with a focus in Counseling and a dual minor in Psychology and Sociology online through Post University. He has his own website,, where he focuses on queer issues (specifically trans issues) in society, his own life, and various other intersections. He often spends nights awake, unable to sleep due to the fact rats exist and are Way Too Cute.


Rachel Hargis

Rachel Hargis is a graduate of Moody Bible Institute with a degree in Bible and Theology, emphasis on Ministry to Women. She currently works for Moody’s distance learning program and will begin working toward an MDiv degree from Fuller Theological Seminary. She loves both teaching and learning, especially about God.She loves spending time outside and with friends. She also plays the violin and loves music. Rachel hopes to contribute to the global conversation about women’s rights and feminine identity, especially in the Christian Church.


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